Now is the time to re-discover Carnarvon Gorge

Reconnecting with the natural world, exploring an ancient past, marveling at the immensity of stunning sandstone cliffs, and basking within a landscape that is simply like no other, Carnarvon Gorge, located in Central Queensland Highlands, is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered.

During the warmer months, Carnarvon Gorge is often overlooked as a holiday destination, but it is a truly spectacular place to visit in summer for a variety of reasons.

While Central Queensland is renowned for above average temperatures between November and February, it is also one of the best times to embrace the low season and escape crowds, see curious wildlife, witness the vivid colours of summer, and dive into refreshing swims.

After a spate of recent wildfires, the green shoots of new life are providing yet another layer of magic throughout the Gorge, and the team at BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks believe that right now is the best time to come and see Mother Nature at her absolute finest.

Nestled on 100 acres within Carnarvon National Park and just a five-minute drive from where your Carnarvon walks begin, Breeze Holiday Parks provide the perfect base for your next adventure.

With a variety of family-friendly accommodation options from camping and caravanning to self-contained cabins, the Park is a protective ‘end of day’ haven after a day of hiking.

BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks – Carnarvon Gorge park manager, Natalie Coulter welcomes families and friends to come and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life with a holiday that is as active, or relaxing as you choose.

“There are so many locations to explore both around the Park or within the Gorge, so whether you want to take a 14km return walk to the Art Gallery, stroll to Mickey’s Creek, Nature Trail, Rock Pools and Boolimba Bluff, or simply wander the Park with your morning coffee, there is truly something for everyone,” Natalie said.

“Carnarvon Creek, which wraps around the holiday park is the ideal place to cool down in summer and is also home to our elusive resident platypus, who can be spotted by the keen eye from the banks.”

With several top-class tourism operators working out of a location that is a hero product for Central Queensland Highlands, Capricorn Enterprise CEO Mary Carroll encourages anyone looking for a unique and memorable holiday, to start planning a visit to Carnarvon Gorge.

“While not all Carnarvon Gorge tourism operators are open currently, we remain so grateful to work alongside the team at Breeze Holiday Parks, and so many other passionate businesses such as Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge, CQ Nature Tours, and Carnarvon Gorge Eco-Tours, who consistently provide an exceptional experience for their guests,” Mary said.

“Carnarvon Gorge is a one-of-a-kind location that is extremely popular as a tourist destination, and we certainly look forward to watching the Gorge recover and regenerate, returning to full life after nature’s recent courses.”

BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks – Carnarvon Gorge currently has vacancies over the coming months.

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