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Gen Zs looking for a rural adventure, or grey nomads on the trip of a lifetime, can mix travel with paid gigs by taking their pick of seasonal work in the Central Queensland Highlands.

The cherry on top is our location – we’ve got some awesome natural attractions, we’re far away from the stress of the city BUT we’re also a direct flight from Brisbane and the Sunny Coast or a cruisy three-hour drive from Rocky.

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Let’s talk dollars. Casual ag employees can earn more money than people working in either retail or hospitality because they, on average, get a similar or better hourly wage, and have the opportunity to work more hours over the working week.

Not only will it boost your bank account, seasonal work will also give you new skills, make you loads of new mates, and give you a true outback Aussie experience.

As a bonus, you’ll be helping farmers get their produce to market to feed our nation!


All skill levels, with or without qualifications, ages and backgrounds are welcome.

Some roles like fruit picking need strength and stamina, but there are also roles such as packing and quality control that are inside (hello, aircon!) and not as physically demanding.


Produce: mandarins, grapes, lemons, limes and macadamias

Opportunities: picking, packing, quality control, tree maintenance, supervisors, machinery operators

Earn: Fruit picking is normally paid on a piece rate, so long hours can see you earning $800-$1,000 per week. Take a relaxed approach and you’ll earn around $400-$600.


Produce: cotton, grains, pulses, cattle

Opportunities: farm/ station hand, tractor drivers, irrigation assistants, governess

Earn: Wages start at $700 per week and depend on experience levels and extra benefits such as accommodation.

Other Opportunities

You can also get permanent, full time roles in agriculture, horticulture and agribusiness.

But if ag’s not for you, find seasonal work in tourism and hospitality. This industry is especially eager for extra team members in the cooler, busier months March – October.


You might score accommodation on farm as part of your job package. Otherwise, local caravan and cabin parks offer budget-friendly, short-term accommodation and are a great way to meet new people.

Mobile and Internet Coverage

We get it – no one wants to live without a smartphone these days! Luckily, you’ll find decent mobile and internet coverage in all towns across the Central Queensland Highlands. There is generally some reception on farms but it might be limited so prepare to do some serious Spotify and Netflix downloading before you head there.

Financial Support

You don’t want to be spending money to make money!

You might be able to get some financial help for relocating to work in agriculture. This includes the #pickqld campaign, which offers $1,500 (on top of your wage) to help cover costs such as accommodation, travel, training, and workwear. 

Check the Queensland and Australian Government websites for more info.

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