Nestled in grazing country, Dingo is named after the wild Australian dog that roamed the area. The town sits at the junction of two major highways that service the beef, timber and coal industries.

Things to Experience

Dingo Statue A life-sized bronze statue of a dingo sits in the main street as a tribute to the townโ€™s name.

Bingegang Weir Located 65 kilometres north of Dingo, Bingegang Weir is a popular destination for fishing and boating. Camping is allowed but the camping area is quite small and you need to be self-sufficient because there are no on-site facilities. Here’s its location on Google Maps.

World Dingo Trap Throwing Competition Dingo is home to the annual World Dingo Trap Throwing Competition, held in conjunction with a country race day in August. The traps are tossed like a hammer throw, with the record currently standing at 48 metres.

Blackdown Tableland Gateway Dingo (51 km) and Bluff (53 km) are convenient access points to explore Blackdown Tableland National Park and both offer caravan park and hotel accommodation.


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