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There are some destinations whose attractions all sit on the surface, are easy to see, predictable, and overpopulated, and then there are others that sit more quietly, sparking your curiosity and nudging you quietly to explore more.

The Central Queensland Highlands is one of them, with its diverse landscape that encourages you to dig a little deeper with each and every kilometer you put on your odometer.

Located in Central Queensland at the crossroads of the Capricorn Highway and the Great Inland Way, these two arterials serve like arteries to the visitor economy, connecting travellers to 60,000km2 of the equally arid and verdant Central Queensland Highlands.

No matter which direction you’re travelling from, or where you’re heading to next, within the Central Queensland Highlands you’ll find a tableland that’s set for adventure.

While the region might be diverse in landscape, the region is starkly similar in its shared values; it’s grounded, honest and authentic.

The true value of the destination can be found all over the terra firma of the Central Queensland Highlands – whether you’re interested in geological creations, cascading cliffs, Indigenous history or the agriculture industry.

While most choose to define their adventure by the Central Queensland Highlands’ trifecta of natural attractions – Carnarvon Gorge, Blackdown Tableland, and the Sapphire Gemfields – to stay only on these beaten paths mean you miss what more there is to explore.

In between, small country towns define the Central Queensland Highlands experience, with friendly locals who reflect what outback hospitality is all about, quaint communities and historical museums and railway stations only a marked signpost away.

No matter when you visit, every day is a new discovery in the Central Queensland Highlands, whether it’s a new Indigenous rock art site, a precious sapphire stone or a new mine.

And just when you think that’s everything there is to see and do in the Central Queensland Highlands, you’ll find there’s more to explore.

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