New Pool Laws

Central Highland residents are being urged to ensure they are familiar with new pool safety laws which take effect from 1 December, 2010. The Queensland Government has introduced tough new legislation as a result of the most comprehensive review of Queenslandโ€™s swimming pool safety laws in nearly 20 years.

The Central Highlands Regional Council can advise if steps are necessary to upgrade pools or fencing, however, the onus will be with property owners to meet regulatory requirements.

The new laws include mandatory pool inspections triggered at sale and lease with strong penalties where compliance certificates are not in place within 90 days after the sale is completed. New and existing pools must be upgraded to comply with the standard within five years, unless sold or leased first. Laws also includes fencing for all portable pools deeper than 300mm, and doors that form part of the pool barrier to be replaced with a fence. For further information, call CHRC on 1300 242 686. (Source: CHRC)

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