Anakie was declared a township in 1885, making it the oldest town on the Sapphire Gemfields. It is located at the Anakie Crossroads and is the area’s civic centre, with the police and school located here.

Things to Experience

Fossicking – Glenalva is a designated fossicking area 20kms southwest of Anakie. A variety of coloured sapphires can be found in the shallow wash that covers most of this area. You need to have a fossicking lience – buy online here or by phoning MyMines (07) 3199 8133 (have your email address handy when you call)

Anakie Railway Station was built in 1884 as part of the rail push into western Queensland. To meet the demand for water from the train’s steam engines, a dam had to be constructed. It was dug by pick and shovel and at its deepest was six metres. Today the dam is used for recreational purposes.

Also located next to the railway station is a bottle tree, planted circa 1880, and engraved with the initials of soldiers and their sweethearts before the young men went to war. Find out more about this tree here.


The Willows is a township 35 kilometres south-west of the Anakie Crossroads. It is a popular spot for fossicking, specking and experiencing a quiet bush life.

Things to Experience

Fossicking The Willows is a popular fossicking spot because very little machinery was ever used there. It is known for its green and yellow sapphires.

Point of Interest: Some of the world’s most famous sapphires have been found on the Willows, including a 332 carat rough yellow, aptly named the Golden Willow.


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