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Nodes and Place Markers GPS Coordinates*

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Sapphire Gemfields Intersection Signature Art Piece – Sapphire Reflections

Trail Node (Capricorn Highway and Anakie Sapphire Road Intersection)



Township Node (Richardson St across from the Anakie Caravan Park and Anakie Hotel)

Place Markers:

Anakie Gemfest site (Richardson St)

Anakie Hotel (Richardson St. Park across the road from the hotel)

Boom & Bust the Early Days (Anakie Railway Station 0’Sullivan St)

Anakie Railway Station Troop Tree/Dam



Place Markers:

Pacey’s Yellow (Southernwood Rd Glenalva)

Glenalva Interp

Willows Gemfields


Township Node (Crn Willows Rd – Cabachon St)

Place Markers:

Characters of the Willows Gemfields (Town Entry sign Willows-Rutland Rd)

Anderson’s Yellow (Crystal St)

Clifton Parr’s Golden Yellow (Clifton Parr St)

Fire Station



Township Node (Anakie – Sapphire Rd)

Place Markers:

Australian Sun

The Centenary Stone

Tropic of Capricorn and Boom and Bust, Era of Machinery Mining- (Rubyvale Rd)

Boom and Bust, Current state of the industry

Queensland Parliamentary Mace-Graves Hill fossicking area


Piano Tuner’s Grave

Miners Common



Township Node (Crn Main St and Keilambete Rd)

Place Markers:

May Shepherd (nee Bradford)

Thai Huts and Thorogood Brothers (Main St. Rubyvale Post Office)

Old Mick Stonebridge (Stonebridge Place)

The Hagan Family (Zircon Ave)

Donavan’s Yellow

Black Star

The Bradford Family (Rubyvale Flats Reserve)

Public Toilets Polling Booth (Rubyvale Public Toilets/Library)

Darky Garnets Story and the Wheel Barrow Derby

Buddies, the movie

Little Queen of Sheba

Tomahawk Creek Designated Fossicking Area Place Marker:

Tomahawk Tiger – Tomahawk Creek Fossicking area (Clermont Rd) approx. 45ks from Rubyvale

Reward Designated Fossicking Area


Place Markers:

Presidential Busts

Black Star and Pride of Queensland (Keilambete Rd – Reward turnoff)

Architectural Character of the Sapphire Gemfields (Sultana Hill)

Washpool Designated Fossicking Area Place Markers:

Autumn Glory (Keilambete Rd – Washpool turnoff)

Volcanic Vista (Keilambete Rd)

Policeman’s Knob  Divide Designated Fossicking Area Place Marker:

Policeman’s Knob (Divide Fossicking area along Goanna Flats Rd)


“Sapphire Reflections” Signature Art Piece


Place Marker

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