Capturing the Magic of Carnarvon Gorge

Exclusive Photography Tours with Australian Nature Guides and Nathan White Images.

Renowned for their commitment to showcasing the unparalleled beauty of Central Queensland’s natural masterpiece, Michelle and Simon from Australian Nature Guides are pleased to announce their collaboration with esteemed photographer Nathan White (Nathan White Images) to introduce exclusive Carnarvon Gorge Photography Tours.

Carnarvon Gorge, nestled within the spectacular Central Queensland Highlands, stands as an iconic testament to Australia’s rugged beauty and ancient heritage. Australian Nature Guides, with their extensive expertise in ecotourism, and Nathan White Images, celebrated for his stunning landscape photography, have joined forces to offer this unique opportunity for shutterbugs.

These exclusive photography tours will provide participants with an immersive experience, allowing them to capture the essence of Carnarvon Gorge through the lens under the expert guidance of Nathan White.

Guided by his keen eye for detail and deep connection to nature, participants will have the chance to work directly with Nathan to refine their photography skills while exploring the breathtaking landscapes, ancient rock formations, and unique flora and fauna that define Carnarvon Gorge.

“We are thrilled to partner with Nathan White Images to offer these private Carnarvon Gorge Photography Tours,” said Michelle Whitehouse, owner-operator of Australian Nature Guides and Accredited Senior Savannah Guide.

“Carnarvon Gorge is a truly special place, and we are excited to provide participants with the opportunity to not only witness its beauty but to capture it in a way that truly does it justice.”

Nathan White, whose captivating images have graced galleries and publications worldwide, shares his enthusiasm for the collaboration.

“Carnarvon Gorge is a photographer’s paradise, and I am delighted to work alongside Australian Nature Guides to share my passion for photography with others,” said Nathan.

“Through these tours, participants will not only refine their technical skills but also develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world around them.”

The Carnarvon Gorge Photography Tours will cater to small groups, ensuring an intimate and personalised experience for each participant.

The 4-day, all-inclusive tour, with prices starting from $1575 per person, will include private accommodation, transport, meals, expert guiding services, and photography workshops. Additional self-sufficient and one day intensive workshop options are also available.

Capricorn Enterprise CEO Mary Carroll is thrilled at this collaboration, which brings together diverse expertise, perspectives, and resources to unlock new possibilities that will elevate the visitor experience.

“Collaborative efforts like the new partnership between Australian Nature Guides and Nathan White Images not only highlight the natural wonders of destinations like Carnarvon Gorge, but also foster innovation, sustainability, and mutual growth within our industry,” said Mary.

“Capricorn Enterprise congratulates both operators on this new venture, and we cannot wait to witness some of the content produced by participants.”

For more information (including the full tour itinerary and upcoming dates) or to book, please visit or email

-Story courtesy of Capricorn Enterprise

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