Program and Performers



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This festival program features world music and dance from a range of local, national and international dance troupes, instrumentalists and vocal sensations including:

For one night only, the Japanese drumming group, FUTSUKAMACHI SAIJIN TAIKO will perform as part of the Central Highlands Multicultural Festival. The group hails from Fujisawa, Ichinoseki –Central Highlands Japanese sister city – and a visit from the group that cements the twenty year relationship.

Tibetan singer songwriter TENZIN CHOEGYAL draws on his traditional Tibetan roots to create original compositions which uniquely express his musical lineage. Tenzin’s cantering rhythms, soaring vocals and exquisite flute solos have enchanted audiences around the globe, with his most recent appearances being at WOMAD in New Zealand and alongside Philip Glass at the 2013 Tibet House Concert in New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Since being initiated into the Benares Gharana of tabla by one of the great old masters of the style in 1994, SHEN FLINDELL has grown to become one of Australia's leading tabla players, and is also very active in the thriving Indian music community of Japan. He is best known for his beautiful sound and supportive accompaniment, and has released 5 CDs ranging from Indian classical bansuri to Tibetan world fusion. Shen loves bringing people together to unite through music, whether it's playing with his many young students or collaborating with top musicians from around the world.

Fijian born RAVIKESH SINGH will perform with his band KASHI NATH at this year’s Central Highlands Multicultural Festival. Ravi came to Australia when he was 3 years old and started his career at the same age playing dholak (traditional/religious music) in small house concerts with local musicians in Brisbane. Incorporating guitar and western percussion with the traditional tones of Mohanvina (Indian Slyde guitar), Bansuri (Indian Flute) and Tabla (The Renowned Indian Drum), Kasi Nath’s members have studied music on the streets of India and the group are touring and recording an album in India early next year.

NICHOLAS NG brings together the ancient and the modern in music through the use of traditional instruments and electronic sound. As a composer, he is open to just about anything – his native style is influenced by a sonic quest for his roots as an Australian composer of Chinese descent and often involves implementing old–world Asian modality in a contemporary ‘western’ context towards the creation of a fresh, unique and highly energised sound.

The SAMBA BLISSTAS is an extravaganza of art on the move! Inspired and modelled on the Brazilian form of Samba Street percussion and lead by Paul Barrett, the group will consist of many colourful members from the local community.

This year’s festival will feature the "Asaro Mudmen" - a performance by the CENTRAL HIGHLANDS PNG ASSOCIATION which will tell the story of tribal warfare in the Highlands of Papa New Guinea!

WALISUMA is a group of South American born musicians who perform the timeless music of the Andes rekindling the ancient spirits of the mountains with soulful songs and traditional instruments. Their instrumentation includes the Quena, one of the oldest Andean instruments once made from the wing bones of the condor and the Charango, the only stringed instrument native to the Andes region made out of armadillo shells or wood.

Philippine culture is mixed in its heritage, from east to west and throughout the Asia Pacific. The EMERALD FILIPINO AUSTRALIAN ASSOCIATION blend traditional Maria Clara, modern Filipina with contemporary rap and rock, dancing to the tunes of Manila, Sumayaw ka and Baile.