Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is it easy to obtain rentals in the Central Highlands?

A – The availability on properties to rent fluctuates, as with most markets but in general there is access to rental options with Emerald experiencing the most demand. To find out the average prices of rentals download a copy of the economic profile rom the CHDC website.

Q - Are there many job opportunities outside of the mining sector?

A – There are ample employment options in industries other than mining. In reality the other sectors actually experience the most difficulty in finding the workforce to meet the demands in the area. Check out our Job Vacancies page, contact any of the local employment agencies who can help you access vacancies or visit the CQJobs website to view current employment options.

Q – What is there to do in my spare time?

A – With an ideal climate and a young population, the Central Highlands is a sports lover’s delight. Traditional team sports such as cricket, netball, both codes of rugby and soccer have a strong following with challenging regional competition.

Touch football is very popular for all ages, many work place teams making their weekly game a social highlight. Tennis, squash, swimming, boxing, gym and athletics facilities are of a high standard and well used. Most towns boast a golf course for those keen to tee off.

Adrenalin pumping action is available on the water with powerboats and skiing accessible on many of the lakes and weirs. On land, motocross and speedway events are of regular attraction.

This is cattle country and the rich traditions of stockmen and drovers are alive and well. Horse lovers will enjoy the Highlands, with everything from pony club to the fast action of campdraft and polocrosse. Memorable outback race meets occur throughout the year and an active rodeo circuit will keep your inner cowboy happy.

If that isn’t enough then restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, art galleries, picture theatres, visiting arts and theatre events will sure keep your social calendar full.

Visit the local ‘Event Calendar’ on the council website to planning your next social outing.

Q – What are some sights to see in the Central Highlands?

A – Tourism is alive and strong in this region; when you’re out and about next don’t forget to check out the:

  1. Carnarvon Gorge, Carnarvon National Park
  2. Gemfields
  3. Lake Maraboon
  4. Blackdown Tableland National Park
  5. Blackwater International Coal Centre
  6. Blackwater Japanese Gardens
  7. Emerald Botanic Gardens
  8. Capella Pioneer Village
  9. Salvator Rosa, Carnarvon National Park
  10. Minerva Hills National Park
  11. Rainworth Fort

Q – Is there access to health services?

A – There are three public hospitals located in the centres of Emerald, Blackwater and Springsure. Our smaller communities are serviced by health clinics and visiting allied health professionals.

Many specialist medical and health needs are catered for by a number of resident professionals. Due to regular visits from public and private specialists, you will be fortunate to find most medical services are available on the Highlands.

Look in our Central Highlands Business Directory on the CHDC website for a full listing of health services.

Q – Where is the ‘Central Highlands’ ?

A – The Central Highlands region is located in Central Queensland, covering an area approx 60,000km2. The Central Highlands also forms part of the large ‘Bowen Basin’; which is a formation of mineral deposits.

To find out how far it is between towns in the region, please refer to the handy guide.