Telecommunications services on the Central Highlands are constantly improving with expanded coverage and new technology keeping us in touch with each other and the world. Most residents and businesses will have a choice of technology and provider.

Mobile coverage across the region is extensive with 3G and 4G services available from different carriers providing both voice and data communications. Some locations may need an additional antenna or car kit for best operation. Check with your provider to obtain the most up to date coverage information.

Broadband is available throughout the region with a range of services to suit business and location. Wireless, satellite and land line services mean most residents and businesses have choices when considering what service will suit their needs.   As service standards have been upgraded, for more information and to check eligibility just follow the link to Australian Broadband Guarantee.

The Central Highlands region, excluding some remote areas, switched to digital TV on 6 December 2011. The remaining remote and rural areas are planned to make the switch in 2013. Residents looking for information on expected coverage, suitable antenna types and endorsed antenna installers can use the Myswitch website, or call the Digital Ready Taskforce on 1800 20 10 13 for further information.